Nuview Technologies is a well established organization with a reputation of providing customer service and employee satisfaction. It has been in this industry since 2004 for has successfully trained thousands of students to get high paying careers. In US, it has over US and training students successfully all over GLOBE.

Some of the top reasons that our employees have stated in joining and continuing with the organization are:

Many want to pursue this career as it pay off well and getting training from Nuview will get them placements for sure at reputed organizations. No Organization all over world that is better than Nuview for training in several aspects.

Technical Insight

It is an organization with best technical insight and a vision to provide careers through appropriate guidance and individual focus than a mere staffing company.

Focus Of Employees

100% of the IT professionals in the organization are well Trained and certified. This is a direct inference of the level of focus of the employees on technical insight and commitment of the organization in providing highest standard services.

Growth And Change In Career

At NuView Technologies, we have the direction, ability and the structure to facilitate growth and change, if necessary, in your careers. Our mission and our drive to serve have helped several people jump start growth in the same field or a smooth change to different fields.

Employee Satisfaction

At NuView Technologies, we are of realization that our employees are our core strength and the highest level of service starts from our employee satisfaction. We not only offer compensation packages that are centered around our employees, but we also encourage and guide overall development of individuals for career growth. Some of them are listed below. Our employees have expressed great levels of overall satisfaction and their long and continuous stay with us is a testimony to that.

Educational Perks

We recognize that the core strength of our employees lies in their technical expertise. Professional certifications give an added advantage and hence we reimburse for certification qualifications in the relevant fields of expertise.


We at NuView Technologies believe in the complete transparency to employees.

Our practices for transparency have not only surprised our employees, but also shocked our competitors. At NuView Technologies, there is only one happening.

Attractive Salary Packages

The compensation packages designed at NuView Technologies are centered on an individual's true potential and ability. Due to our technical insight and focus on employees, we have an ability to guide and lead individuals that lead to higher income levels that previously seemed unattainable to some of them


We provide attractive benefits such as life insurance, health, dental, vision, long term disability (LTD), reimbursement for educational certifications.

No Binding Contracts

We believe in true freedom for our employees. And hence, unlike the popular practice in industry, we do not have binding contracts with our employees. This has been a proven value that our employees recognize and respect at NuView Technologies.

Strong Hr And Marketing Teams

We have an amply staffed HR and Marketing team both in the US and India that can provide appropriate support to you. We maintain ratio of 7:1 for consultants to staff to ensure that you are serviced appropriately.


We have a host of clientele with whom we have developed par excellent relationships. Our priority to customer satisfaction has enabled us to stay focused on client needs during growth and hence help us develop and generate new business.