In today's global business environment, the NuView Technologies provides a comprehensive range of services for companies that are implementing and innovating recent and cutting edge technologies the success of your business endeavor depends upon an organization's ability to respond to the changes in the new economy through the effective application and management of human capital. Human Capital is the greatest asset your organization possesses and is the critical difference between a successful or not so successful organization.

We know that success can only be achieved with the fundamental alignment of people and strategy. We believe this alignment cannot occur without leading-edge human resource policies and systems. We are intelligent and integral solution providers that inspire Effective application of human capital.

Bluetooth Interoperability Testing (BT-IOT)

In its association with NextGen, NuView Technologies provides a service of testing and verifying the operation of cellular phones with the continuously growing range of in-car systems and accessories using the Bluetooth® (BT) networking standard. It is anticipated that during 2004 over 30% of the 165 million cellular phones sold in Western Europe will be BT, with a corresponding growth in the number of accessories to using the BT standard.

Development Solutions with onsite and off-shoring models

The success of any project lies the problem or process analysis and design, cohesive implementation team and Best project management. We at NuView Technologies give highest importance to systems' development with a process in mind right from the beginning to deployment following religiously all project development cycles. Our consultants spend time to understand client's complete requirements and develop systems using time-tested methodologies. Our Experienced project managers ensure that the process is right and maintained through out the system execution.

Back office processing

Enlarging businesses struggle with the over head of administrative processes. At NuView Technologies, we to provide you customized solutions that can enable you to reliably outsource administrative tasks while staying focused on the core competencies of your business. An incomplete list of some of the tasks that we undertake are timesheets processing, collections.

Our HR Consulting services offerred can be broadly classified in the following categories -

- HR Outsourcing

- HR Consulting

- Individual Solutions